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Adicitra was established In 1986 in the area of commercial vehicle construction. More than 25 years later thanks to innovation and diversification of their products, the company has established itself as the market leader in the aluminum box sector throughout Indonesia.

Adicitra was amongst the first to use YKK Aluminium, including JAPANESE STANDARD ALUMINIUM H4100 and KOS H8602, Adicitra is committed in providing a stand of exceptional quality that exceeds customer expectation.

In 2012, the Company inaugurated its modern, fully equipped facility to reinforce its commitment to the market and its research and development.

Along with a new facility, a new strategy evolved – this was to diversify into products that would enable Adicitra to meet its customers’ complete needs for different vehicles, materials and customized designs.

Providing excellent customer service consistently is of utmost importance to us, and to this end, we constantly recognize the importance of ‘quality standards’, service schedules, maintenance – not just for cost-effectiveness, but more importantly, to fully satisfy our customers’ needs.

With our fully equipped commercial vehicle maintenance workshops, a qualified and dedicated workforce, Adicitra can offer flexible commercial vehicle repair, tailored to your requirements.


To be the most trusted and successful commercial vehicle suppliers/makers in Indonesia.

To maintain the highest quality for our customers, strive to be the leading industry innovators through research and development, and be the leading commercial vehicle makers/suppliers.

“Dedicated, Innovated, Committed”


Adicitra is a company that you can rely on. We use the highest quality materials with creativity and innovation. Built on years of experience and fastening know how Adicitra is the total fastening solution partner.

Adicitra delivers value added products and services. We offer you READY STOCK within ONE DAY aluminium box standard within one day, along with accurately completed documents services.

We would like to help you to have the best solution when your company receives the box ready to operate which in turn will also increase the cost efficiency for your organization in order to get the maximum benefit, because the faster the better.

Adicitra Bhirawa can assist the maintenance of KEUR/KIR customer vehicles in accordance with SK Design standards issued by the MoT. If the vehicle is not compliant, KEUR/KIR disclaimed Adicitra Bhirawa.

We pride ourselves in giving our best and we are always happy to serve you.

“Lifetime Warranty”