PT Adicitra Bhirawa
Aluminium Cargo Box, Dump Truck, 
Steel Cargo Box & Wingbox


Adicitra was established in 1986 in the area of commercial vehicle construction. More than 25 years later with innovation and diversification the company has established itself as the market leader in the aluminium box sector in Indonesia.

First ever YKK Aluminium user with JAPAN STANDARD ALUMINIUM H4100 and KOS H8602, Adicitra is committed in providing a standard of exceptional quality that exceeds customer expectation.

In 2012, the Company inaugurated its modern, fully equipped facility to reinforce its commitment to the market and its research and development.

Along with the new facility a new strategy evolved - this was diversify into products that would enable Adicitra to meet its customers’ complete needs for different vehicles, material and customized designs.

Consistent excellent customer service is highly important for us, and to this end we keep recognizing the importance of the ‘quality standard’, service schedules, maintenance - not just for cost effectiveness, but more importantly, to fully satisfy customers’ needs.

Our fully equipped commercial vehicle maintenance workshops, skilled and dedicated workforce, Adicitra is able to offer flexible commercial vehicle repair tailored to your requirements.