PT Adicitra Bhirawa
Aluminium Cargo Box, Dump Truck, 
Steel Cargo Box & Wingbox
Through a life of peace, simplicity, modest and virtue we believe that a person can eliminate stress.

Adicitra believes that a healthy and safe environment will create harmony for employees to build a stable life, being happy at home and at work.

The philosophy of happiness should be the core of society because happiness is crucial to see an invidual’s perspective, a sustainable philosophy which can play overarching role in defining how we live.

According to the Index of Happiness, a nation’s happiness is more important than GDP (Gross Domestic Product). As the result, Adicitra uses this principle as the basis for creating happiness and a good environment for the employees. If the employees are happy then the company will achieve more success.

Adicitra provides its employees with a comfortable place to work, recreational activities, expansive training which allows employees to gain additional knowledge, a generous benefits package, e.g. free health check and medication, term life insurance, pension scheme to keep employees healthy as well as happy. These are a few of the benefits packages which provide them an enjoyable life.

All of this makes Adicitra a Company where our happy employees work hard to deliver happiness and fulfillment for our customers.